Alçak gerilim alev iletmeyen kablolar

1kV'a kadar çeşitleri bulunan halojensiz kablolar, yangının yayılmasını engeller, açığa çıkan duman ve zehirli gaz miktarını önemli derece azaltır. Böylelikle insanların olay yerinden kaçmaları için daha fazla zamanları olur.

Oslo Opera'sının kablolanması

 LV fire-reaction cables

Cables Solutions

Orta Gerilim yeraltı güç kabloları
Enerji Şebekesi Kabloları

Nexans , gerilimi 3.8/6.6 dan 19/33 kV a kadar olan XLPE izoleli orta gerilim dağıtım kabloları üretmektedir.BS ,EATS yada diğer ulus/uluslararası standartlara uygun olarak tasarlanmıştır.

Yapısal özellikleri şu şekildedir:

  • tek damarlı kablolar,
  • üç damarlı kablolar.

Kablolar , soyulabilen dış yarı iletken ve sistemin ihtiyacını karşılayabilecek kesitteki bir ekran ile de verilebilir.

1kV yangına dayanıklı kablolar
Yapısal Enerji Kabloları/1kV Kablolar

Fire Resistant cables enable the security systems (video surveillance, smoke ventilation, audio alarms...) to continue functioning for a certain time after the fire has started.

Alsecure Plus is Nexans’ full range of Fire resistant cable in accordance with the national standards.

Benefits of fire resistant cables

  • Secure critical applications in high-risk environments
  • Meet extreme fire conditions over an extended period
  • A full range to meet and exceed the most stringent national requirements and the different fire security applications
1kV'dan küçük alevi iletmeyen ve düşük duman yoğunluklu kablolar
Yapısal Enerji Kabloları/1kV'dan küçük kablo ve teller

A low level of opacity of smoke produced and acidity of the effluent are basic criteria in the selection of materials that, in the event of fire, make it possible to reduce the presence of dangerous gases and to facilitate escape. It is essential that the production of opaque smoke and harmful emissions is as low as possible during a fire.

Nexans’ offer enables to:

  • Significantly delay the propagation of a fire, thus gaining precious time for evacuation and fire-fighting
  • Reduce to a minimum opaque smoke and acid gases, the prime cause of fire-related deaths, and damage to equipment and structures
  • A wide range fitting the different country regulations, building types and electrical applications.
1kV alev iletmeyen düşük duman yoğunluklu kablolar
Yapısal Enerji Kabloları/1kV Kablolar

Cables are not dangerous on their own, but they may sometimes cause fires resulting from bad or ageing installations, wrong calculations of sections, and poor-quality cables installed, etc

Due to the use of organic materials for insulation and sheathing and their huge volume in buildings, during fires, cables can also severely contribute to:

  • Increased smoke production which limits visibility and inhibits escape
  • Increased carbon monoxide production, the most lethal gas in fires
  • Release of irritant gases

In order to save people and goods from these risks, Nexans offers halogen-free cables which prevent fire propagation and dramatically reduce the emission of smoke and hazardous, acidic, and irritant gases, thus allowing people time to exit safely.

Analog telephone cables
Sinyal ve Veri İletim Kabloları/Bakır/fiber LAN (data) ve telefon kabloları/Telephone installation wires & cables
Analog telephone cables
Kontrol-Kumanda Kabloları
Endüstriyel Kablolar

The progressive electrification of machinery, and the industry for electrical equipment and tools, creates an increasing demand
for mobile cables...

These cables are used in fixed installations or in installations or in environments were a high degree of flexibility is required.

Especially if control panels or other equipment is moved, these cables are most suitable.

The product range comprises cables which are suitable to interconnect most different applications from control and computer panels
down to lifts, material flow and automation equipment.

Control cables are exposed to a variety of mechanical and environmental stresses. Especially such as tension and pressure to cores
and change of length while bending.

These requirements are met by selecting most appropriate construction principles and state of the art conductor, insulation
and sheathing materials.

The degree of flexibility and...

Electronic installation cables
Sinyal ve Veri İletim Kabloları/Bakır/fiber LAN (data) ve telefon kabloları

The cables specified here are manufactured according to National and international standards, for example RG cables to MIL-C-17 and in compliance with customers individual specifications. 

Dağıtım Kabloları
Enerji Şebekesi Kabloları/Alçak Gerilim yeraltı güç kabloları

Medium and low-voltage cables (1kV to 60 kV) are used in the basic distribution network that brings power from high-voltage substations to cities and remote areas.

To provide this needed power for change, Nexans has been leading the way in new materials and designs for distribution cables and networks. We also master installation techniques in some of the toughest environments imaginable, including submarine, aerial and dense urban conditions.

Accessories, too, are key elements in any powergrid. That is why we custom design joints, terminations and connections to user's specifications. We offer a full range of standard products, and have the logistics to deliver turnkey projects worldwide.

Low smoke & flame retardant
Endüstriyel Kablolar/Endüstriyel kablolar, teller & aksesuarlar/Flexible cords, insulated stranded wires and cables
Low smoke & flame retardant flexible wires and cables